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The other day, I finished watching 3 videos on setting up a particular Bitcoin Wallet. I completed the task of installing the wallet then it hit me! I have gone BACK TO SCHOOL at CRYPTO U!

Later while talking with my wife, I commented: “I feel like I’m Back in School”. This realization comes at a time that I thought I was retiring! It was a good feeling because unlike my “college education in a prestigious Ivy League school”, it wasn’t costing me $$$$thousands of dollars for me to learn theory. Finally, I was getting a real and practical education on economic basics. The internet is a great educational setting.

Little did I know when I joined a business years ago that I was going to receive one of the biggest educational opportunities of my life. When I joined COMPUMATRIX, I hadn’t even heard of Cryptocurrency much less having the opportunity to gain a CRYPTOCURRENCY EDUCATION.

Someone once told me: “the World is a much brighter place when the sun comes up”. It is truly amazing what one can grasp when your mind is truly opened! It is one thing to open your eyes but the mind has to be open as well!


While watching one video, the commentator in the video directed me to one site. From there, I found information on a Bitcoin Wallet that was appealing. Then, I looked up videos in YouTube. I watched 3 videos then set up the wallet. THE EDUCATION WAS FREE!

This is the essence of Back to School education. BACK TO SCHOOL - CRYPTO-U is just that! It is your own self-guided education into the cryptocurrency world. CRYPTO-U is an abbreviation for: Cryptocurrency University. This is an educational facility that exist in the furrows of your own mind. YOU CAN’T ACCESS THIS UNLESS YOUR MIND IS TRULY OPEN!

I WRITE BLOGS! Many, many, many years ago (almost 30 years now), I lost a horse that got out and hit by a car. I was so distraught over the loss of this horse (Toby) that I started writing to soothe my loss. Years later, after writing blogs for some time, I came across a book, “The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsworth”. In the book, the author mentions attending an Ivy League University and walking away from 4 years of education while only using skills he obtained from just 2 of his classes: Writing and Public Speaking.

At this point in his book, I closed the pages and went into deep thought. Finally, I identified with someone with a similar experience. I walked away from an Ivy League University education utilizing the skills from a writing class and public speaking. Reflecting on this at the time was a hard reality since these classes were not a part of my major. (The best class I took during those years was from a Community College that I transferred the credits in to complete my degree.)


Why do I tell you all of this?

What do most people do when they feel they are hitting that “glass ceiling” in their jobs and careers? They go BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!

In my various careers, I didn’t hit the glass ceiling. I hit the basement (or sub-basement)! I absolutely refused to go back to school to make the same mistakes again! (Most people make at least 5 career changes during their working years!) As for me, it meant I had to OPEN MY MIND to other options. These options had to rest in the world of cutting edges of discovery!

The question is: “Are you ready for an education in the world of cutting edges of discovery?” We have “seats” available in our informal opportunity. I deem it as “informal” since this is an opportunity for self education and business management that only you can determine the limits of your desires. Join us at COMPUMATRIX and learn more.
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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