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Every time I have to start on my outside chores, I dread the effort until I get started. Once I’m in motion, the difficulties fade away. When I need to convince myself that I can do it, I remember these thoughts.

There are so many quotes about “the journey starting with the first step”. Sometimes, we convince ourselves of the things we can not do (and we are right)! When we convince ourselves of the things we can do, we have taken that first step.

There is a quote by Martin Luther King: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase only the first step”. I’m not sure if I have the quote exactly correct but I think you can see the point.

With COMPUMATRIX, we are now starting our journey. We have a handful of COMPUCEEDS in one hand and a handful of BITCOINS in the other! It is time to stand up and be counted. By this, I am referencing the Virtual Currency World.


Many people would agree that Henry Ford is created with the automobile. If you believe this, you are wrong! In reality, what Henry Ford is responsible for is mass producing automobiles. He took something that was a new concept and improved on it. Likewise, Walter Chrysler was an interesting character. I read a story about when he first started in the automobile field. He took his savings and bought an automobile. He took it apart and rebuilt it over and over again. (Everyone that knew him thought he had lost it!) He was studying that car and preparing himself for his own brand.

As in the automobile field (and other fields as well), a concept is born then others take that concept and further develop it. This is the same as we see in the Virtual Currency World. When the white paper on Bitcoin come out, did everyone else throw up their hands and say, “it too late now, Bitcoin is on the scene!” NO! After years of a handful of people “playing” around with Bitcoin, the action is just now getting started.

Was Bitcoin the first Virtual Currency? NO! But, it became a more refined Virtual Currency. (Does anyone here remember the leader in this industry: E-GOLD?)

Did I mention we are just getting started? What does this mean? Earlier, I referenced COMPUMATRIX. This is a company that will emerge as a “Powerhouse” in this industry. Why do I state this? Because I have been with this company from its inception!

As stated earlier:

With COMPUMATRIX, we are now starting our journey.

Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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