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We grew up in an era where “the Market” was the indicator of everything financial. If we wanted to know where the economy was heading, we first need to take a look at “the market or the Stock Market”. Why have we learned to become dependant on this market?

Yes, the Stock Market is huge but have you looked at the size of the Commodities Market? Most people that are Financially illiterate are not even aware of the Forex Market where $Billions in trading might be a few minutes work!

There is another market that is emerging on the horizon. This market is the CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET. If you aren’t aware of this market, you might want to beef up on the Financial Education. This is the market that is “OURS”! Remember you heard it here first: I will name this the People’s Financial Market!


Boy is that a bold statement on my part! I mean this with every cell in my body! This is the market where we control the pulse of the industry.

The Forex Market is where the “World’s Currencies” are traded. This is where $trillions of dollars are traded in currencies that are issued by Governments around the World. I am not asking anyone to ignore this market. However, I want to point out the obvious in case you missed it. For decades, we have been watching the effects of inflation erode the value of our currencies around the world. We have watched Government “bail out” Financial Institution that are too big to allow to fail!

We can’t allow these Financial Institution to fail because they will bring the entire economic system down with them. Therefore, we allow them to pillage the people that the Government is suppose to protect.

To the rescue is the People’s Financial Market! This is where we will find Cryptocurrency trading platforms that will provide us the opportunity to sustain our own Financial future. One of the cryptocurrencies that has been in the news is BITCOIN. Of course, this is only one of the many cryptocurrencies that you will become familiar with in time.

There is a lot you can do with your new currency but this is only the beginning. You will ultimately find your way to one of many trading platforms. I would recommend this one that is provided by Compumatrix on the Bitshares Platform.

Before you dive in blindly, visit us here at COMPUMATRIX and get a better handle on your future.

Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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