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Sometimes we question our resolve. Is this really something we want to do or need? Is the aggravation of waiting worth “what we think the prize will be”?

I have been at the brink of hope and despair most of this last year. There is so much promise out there for those that will not waver. What does it mean to be hanging on by a thread? Let’s explore what CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY has to say:

hang by a thread (Cambridge Dictionary)

If a serious situation hangs by a thread, it means that even a slight change can decide what will happen and that a bad result such as death, failure, etc. is likely

The dividing line between success and failure is so slim that we often cannot define it at first (or second) glance. I have had my future plans fully mapped out several times only to find there was yet another change in the formula.

I think the best quote I have seen on the formula for success is by Teddy Roosevelt:

This brings us to the issue of what is your dream? I have often heard the comment: “is your dream Big enough?” If your dream is not bigger than you, will you be HANGING ON TO THE DREAM?


Sometimes I don’t even want to do a reality check. The reason is because my belief may not be big enough to answer the hard questions. If you don’t believe something yourself, how can you hang on to the dream?

I pin my dream on someone else!

Does this even sound fair? You bet it does!!! Over the years, I have had the pleasure to work with some of the best people in this industry. When you work with someone else, you either believe what they have to say or you don’t. If you do not trust what they are saying, how can you ever have a working relationship with them?

I’m in a very complex business and most of it is not visible to the naked eye. You either have to believe in who you are following or you will be lost forever. In my business, one person I listen to has always given her word. She has stated: “if I no longer believe this will work, I will be the first to let you know!

Someone made a $million dollars this year in their business. Boy were they lucky!

Luck had nothing to do with it! They worked hard for 10 years putting their formula together and it hit big! That’s not luck. It is sheer dedication to what they believed in.

Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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