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There is a famous quote but I can’t remember who stated it:
He who is always his own counselor will often have a fool for his client.

The world as you know it will change forever. Will you embrace it or will you condemn it? If you are reading this, then you are on a mission. That mission is to set yourself separate financially more than you have ever been. For some of you, there has been several months if not years of struggle to make things happen in your life to see this thru.

Some of us have had to pleasure of being advised to seek a higher level of learning. We have often been told to: seek professional advice!

Are you at all serious about earning money online? If you are, do you know what you will do with your money once you earn it? This is a question most people do not ask themselves. Partly because they do not even believe they will succeed.


This can never be understated. Recently, I have heard this from a number of people that I am working with. WHY? Because there are some very very bad people out there and they want to take your money.

A fool and his money shall soon be departed!

I have been talking to my bankers, accountant and lawyer so I can get the best advice I can. I absolutely love this quote by Will Rogers:

“I’m more interested in the return of my money than the return on my money.”

I can not stress the obvious more. If you are going to all the lengths to earn money online, then go to the extent of protecting what you earn. Take responsibility like you have never done so before! Too often, we look for someone else to take the burden of responsibility off our shoulders. We rely on the bank to protect our deposit, we rely on insurance to replace what is broken or stolen or we look to the Government or a lawsuit to make us whole again.

We need to seek professional advice and not just from one source. We need a team of advisors. Ultimately, we need to be totally responsible for our Financial Success.

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Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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