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“I remember the stars in the night sky”. Stephen S.

You are blessed when you remember the “good” in those you reflect on. Of course there are those troubled times that everyone wants to forget. But, it is in those good times that your fondest memories are formed.

Your first heros are your Mom and Dad. They brought you into this world and were the first to take care of you. Somewhere shortly after age 2, one of my fondest memories was coming home after spending the evening at the home of a family friend. My father was carrying me and I was looking up. “I remember the stars in the night sky”.


Often we associate the word: “HERO” with an action that results in saving someone or others. (such as War Heroes or an action from a Police Officer or Fireman) We tend to forget about the heroic events taken by our parents, teachers or others in our social sphere.

You may hear someone that accomplished a gallant deed express themselves by saying: “I never wanted to be a hero!” They are merely expressing their embarrassment of being in the limelight.

If you pull back the surface, you might discover: WE ARE ALL HEROS!

The only reason not to be a hero is: selfishness. Even people that are “self-centered” want to be recognized for a great deed. Others may not want the recognition but would continuously provide for the needs of others. You often see this in charity work.

What about those that do not want to be a hero?

To those individuals, all I can express is my apologies for their FEAR! This is the one word that prevents people from accomplishing their dreams and goals. It is often easier to do nothing and expect nothing than to face a challenge and face the possibilities of failure!


If you really don’t want to be a hero, then you don’t want to fulfill your PURPOSE IN LIFE!

Everyone has a purpose. Will you find yours or will you let Fear define you?
If you were offered $250,000.00 to jump out of an airplane without a parachute, would you take it? If you said NO, then you let FEAR guide you! If you thought it thru, you might have ¼ $million dollars in your bank account (and you are still alive)! You see, the plane was parked and it wasn’t that far from the ground!

One of my Purposes in Life is to help others. This may seem simple at first brush but I have had to overcome some obstacles. (like talking to people) In today’s world, we define ourselves on a financial basis. We are barraged with opportunities to spend our money. We are also barraged with opportunities to earn an income online. Most of these opportunities involve “spending your way into wealth”!

I would like to offer you something different.
I would like to offer you the opportunity

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Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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