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They say, “patience is a virtue”. Here at Compumatrix, we obviously have many “virtuous members”!

One of the pinnacles of Compumatrix is: ENRICH LIFE!

In the blog post: ENHANCE, I wrote the following:
Once they see the vision, we want to ENRICH in their lives what constitutes their dreams, desires and ambitions.

Everyone wants more of their lives at some point then most succumb to living lives of quiet desperation. You get up in the morning, go to work, come home, watch 108 channels of TV, go to bed and get up the next day to do the same! Why work?


Some people love the work they do. This isn’t the case for the majority of the work force. So, why work? We work so we can have a better life (or at least to afford the life we already have)!

Most people need to know exactly how much money they will have. This way, they can determine how much they can spend on food, housing, clothing, education for the kids, retirement and the list goes on. What would you say if there was another way? As an entrepreneur, you not only know how much you will make but you are not limited on just how much you will make.

This has benefits as well as consequences. The benefit is you can make as much as you want. The consequence is there will be no guarantees that you will make anything at all!


Why I chose Compumatrix. Many years ago, I joined a business that didn’t look at all like it does today. The Founder, Henry James Banayat, had a vision and over the years a few of us realized his level of determination, dedication and drive. He was someone to keep our dreams alive with. Others have come and gone but Mr Banayat has remained true to his vision.

Over the years, you can see the progression of this business. It is well seated in a very new industry, the industry of Virtual Currencies. With just a basic understanding of economics, anyone can determine our future with our current monetary systems are bleak at best.

Compumatrix has 2 virtual currencies: Compuceeds and Cryptoceeds.

For a better understanding of this industry, you can visit us at: COMPUMATRIX.
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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