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Miss Understood

It was nearing Halloween and we were encouraged to come to work “in costume”. I don’t recall what I wore but I will always remember my boss this day! It was the middle of the day and we had some mid-day events. We didn’t have to dress for a banquet but I noticed my boss had on a very nice red dress with a sash. When she turned and faced me, I saw the sash had printing on it. She had a small crown in her hair and the sash read: Miss Understood!

I got such a lift out of it. Penny was normally so reserved but you always knew she had this loose streak waiting to explore when no one was aware. However, she was out in the open in the middle of the Halloween crowds.

Do we ever have reason to Misunderstand?

I often ponder this question as I explore life and the pursuit of happiness. We have grown up in a relatively new era where our fathers all had jobs but our grandfathers’ generation (or maybe our great grandfather's’ generation) were independant business owners. As such, we no longer have the independence to perform on our own basis. Because of this, we have now become accustom to looking for direction and expecting all directions from superiors.


It doesn’t have to be Compumatrix but since most people reading this will be familiar with this company, I want to use it as an example. (even more so because it does not fit a mold for most anything else you may have done) Compumatrix is a company but we, the members, have ownership in the “business concept”.

In a post in our members’ blog, Erline stated: (First, off some of these “people” have no clue who we are nor have they even tried to learn about what we do here.  The misinformation...) Now you see why this post is entitled: MISS UNDERSTOOD

Our difficulty isn’t in what we know and do not know but in what our role is.

Most of us have been involved in other ventures where we were told we are IBOs (Independent Business Owners) but we were really NEVER independent. Once we understand our role, we will never again be:

Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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