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Some journeys start out as a mundane action. Some start with exuberance. Whatever your journey is and where it will lead you, must be undertaken with gusto!

Most people go thru live with minimal existence. A few dare to venture beyond and into a new frontier. For those that dare, it is time to lock arms as your journey has just begun.

As a long standing member of COMPUMATRIX, we stand on one of the principles to Enhance Life. I am bringing this to you as we take this little journey naming it: Enhance the Journey. You can ask anyone that has lived in areas of extremes in climate what it is like knowing the slightest lack of preparedness can be the difference between life and death!
Why Enhance the Journey? Have you ever visited someone that can no longer do something they cherish because they are “now too old”? You don’t have to be in your 90’s but maybe only in your 40’s. (People in sports experience this “too only to compete” as well.)

Why do people choose to “live on the edge” or participate in “extreme activities”? Why would someone choose to travel to another country for a vacation or visit a National Park?

Why would you just not choose to live a mundane safe life?


As I already stated, I am a long standing member of COMPUMATRIX. As a member, we choose to ENHANCE LIFE. There is more to life than can ever be experienced! Why sell yourself short of your dreams, your desires and/or your ambitions?

This is why we are members of COMPUMATRIX. We want more out of life than the mundane existence that others will settle for. We want to make a difference not only in our own lives but in the lives of those around us. As a member of COMPUMATRIX, we want to ENGAGE others in their lives. Once they see the vision, we want to ENRICH in their lives what constitutes their dreams, desires and ambitions.

COMPUMATRIX is in the process of becoming the reality we have all waited for. At the time you read this, this occurrence will probably already become a reality. This will be a momentous occasion that will unlock the bonds that hold so many people as a hostage to a mundane existence. Are you looking for more to ENHANCE LIFE?
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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