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I think I wrote about this before. However, I will take a turn in another direction. I want to look at why the relationship is important.

Thirty-eight years ago, I was driving a pickup truck while going thru my mind a series of events. The events put me in that exact spot driving to a shop to pick up purchased equipment for the job. Ad I reflected, I realized all the lessons I learned to get to that point were in Building Relationships.


The first time I ventured into “Network Marketing”, I had a difficult time talking to people about a business. I use to always embarrass my family because I was always TALKING TO STRANGERS.

I realized in order to “sell” my business or products, I had to build a relationship with a prospect. Selling is easier if your customer/client knows you and trusts you.

After a while, I drifted onto the Internet. A friend told me there are “free” places you could advertise and your add goes out to “Millions”! It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to understand advertising to millions doesn’t “get it” over building a relationship with one or two “real people”.


The “Business World” is just an extension of our personal world. The whole concept of business is to find a way to satisfy a need in our personal lives. I can hear people now: “What about businesses that provide products and services strictly for other businesses?”

What about them???

The bottom line is there is an end product that serves someone’s personal need or desire.

Years ago, I read a book and the author stated he had purchased about 20 new cars over his years. However, he never made a second purchase from any of these salesmen. I have dealerships that maintain contact with me to develop that relationship. I think business skills are rapidly developing.

The concept of “Network Marketing” is built on Relationships. Today no one want to be associated with the term: “Network Marketing”. Companies try to distance themselves by saying such as: “we are NOT Network Marketing”.

The Label isn’t important. What is important is the concept. It is the idea of: Building Relationships in Business.
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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