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In life as in business, it is often advisable to start with the end in mind. There are writers that write the end before they write the rest of the story. It is often THE FINAL PARAGRAPH that determines the tempo of the piece being written. When I was in school, I had a friend that would read the last chapter of his book then the introduction. He would then write his book report.

I wrote a blog post quite some time back. All I had to do is write the final paragraph. I was waiting for a specific event so I could write about it. Sometimes event occur in progressions other than what you plan.

I forgot about that blog post because I got too busy chasing my tail. I understand what is meant by the term: caught in a tailspin. My situation got out of control and I couldn’t pull out of this tailspin.

You might become disappointed when situations do not come together as you expected. The Unfinished Blog Post is about such a situation. My online business was going to be my support system for the Construction company we were beginning. I needed the funding for the business. While I waited, the Construction business fell apart!

Some people look at this as a disaster. However, I look at it as fate. I needed money for several things occurring in my life right now. Over the last several months, I kept hearing the message: money will not solve that problem.

Maybe there was a reason for my Unfinished Blog Post.

They say: ghosts exist because they have unresolved issues. I’m here to say that money doesn’t resolve all issues. In my online business, it is TIME that will resolve issues. Time to complete all programming, time to formulate relationships with other partners, time to develop procedures and training, and time to ….

I can’t finish that Unfinished Blog Post at this time (even if I could find it) because the situation has changed. As in life, there is one constant: CHANGE.

If change is a constant, it is presumed those that do not embrace change will fall behind. A friend mentioned one time (years ago) when one of his daughters was getting her first job after college that she would be making more starting than he ever made. Isn’t that an example of change?


I could have substituted the word: CHALLENGE.

Change, challenge, it’s all the same when we are talking about our online business, COMPUMATRIX.

Compumatrix will be the Finished Blog Post. We are so close to the Change, the Challenge or what label you want to apply.

The label I wish to apply to Compumatrix is:
Engage Life
Enrich Life

Enhance Life
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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