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You can often find help starting up your new business. You can talk to your accountant, your attorney, Small Business development specialist, etc. However, what are your resources if you want to do something different? If you have never done it before, does this mean you can never do it? Maybe it’s only a change you need to make. What are you willing to do?

If you want something in your life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something, you’ve never done. JD Houston

You probably have heard something like: business in a box. What if you have a different idea or just want to explore other possibilities? This is when you need to have the strength to think outside the box.


In the article I wrote VISUALIZE THE BUSINESS YOU ARE BUILDING, I wrote the following:
It may not be easy paddling your boat upstream when everyone else is following the current. NOTE: following the current. If those three words just grate on your mind, then you are reading the right article. Following the current is NOT what LEADERS DO!

We started a business based on the experience and skills that some members of the team brought to the table. From the beginning, I had the vision of building this business outside the box. Although we have had some struggles getting this started, I see the long range of having a company that will be invited back for future contract, a very tight team and desire of others to join that team.

Why will seasoned workers want to join our team? Because the vision of our company will be focussed on developing strong teamwork, business ethics and eliminating the “stuff” that holds back most of the companies that perform our type of work.

By thinking outside the box (throwing status quo in the trash), we will be able to overcome obstacles that cause good employees leaving and working for your competition. For example, the company can not be focussed on deadlines. This should be the focus of everyone from the owners to the employees.


The partnerships are critical in business relations. If you neglect the needs of suppliers, or contract partners, where will your company image be?

There are obvious partners then there are the partners that obscure the boundaries. One of the partners for our construction business will be demonstrated thru an online business named: Compumatrix. Why is this relationship on one of these boundaries? Because there is not an evident relationship. The relationship is what Compumatrix will be able to do “financially” for the construction business. It will be similar to the relationships businesses have with their bank. (I’ll explain at another time.)

What other partner relations will your business explore? Recently, I’ve spent some time engaged in learning other aspects of business that I can implement into our construction business. The goal? Financial stability of the company.
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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