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Business 101.1.01


Do you have the advantage in regards to building your business? Most people starting a new business believe they do. But, do they really?

We recently started a Construction business. I do NOT have sufficient experience in this field! Then, why did I start this business? Because I have “people” that have this experience. (I will get back to the “why” I got involved from the perspective of a confidence level later in this article.)

When I say: Complications of “Business Building”, I’m referring to being prepared for the unexpected. According to our plans, the company would have to be prepared to purchase tools, pay for insurance and pay the first week and maybe the second week of payroll to get started. This was a major undertaking but we made the financial arrangements for the company to make this happen. Then, we had the complication.

The General Contractor breached our contract and withheld payment for the last work we turned in. Of course some of our employees were upset with a delay for their paychecks.

BUSINESS 101.1.01

When I was in college, we had these courses with the numbers behind the title that could indicate the level of the course. Thinking about this, I came up with this as the title to indicate an “entry” level business education with subsections.

I wanted to write this blog but I was waiting for a “certain” event to occur. If you are in Compumatrix, you realize that event is when we can spend our Bitcoins. Looking back at the previous section of this article, you can realize this has always been my goal to minimize the risk encountered in Building Businesses.

In a previous article: VISUALIZE THE BUSINESS YOU ARE BUILDING, I wrote the following:
My part was putting the pieces together and talk about timing! The biggest part is the funding. This business needed a start up budget. That piece is what Compumatrix is about to unveil.

Compumatrix is an online home based business dealing with Virtual Currency (Compuceeds). Although Compumatrix has been in process for some time, it’s day is here. The ability to address the funding aspects of building a business has been addressed with the reality of Virtual Currencies.

Although the Complications of “Business Building” hit us early, it is my participation with Compumatrix that gives me the confidence we can make it thru this Complication.

I got involved with this business because I could assist with the business management and I had an Ace in Compumatrix regarding assistance with funding matters. This piece is about to become a reality.

Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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