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The Officer was following the car for more than a mile. He finally decided to pull the car over to make sure everything was alright. The elderly driver asked the Officer if there was a problem and the Officer responded, “I was wondering why you were driving only at 20 miles per hour on a 55 mile per hour highway.” The elderly lady responded, “I thought the speed limit was 20 miles per hour!” The Officer let her know she had confused the Highway sign for US Highway 20 for the speed limit. He looked around at the 3 passengers in the car that stared straight ahead the entire time as if in fear. He asked the driver, “Is anything wrong with your passengers?” The driver responded, “I don’t think so but we just got off Interstate 95!”

Sometimes it feels as life itself is passing us by. We often feel we are moving at a rate of speed that is less (much less) than what is posted. In life, I am referring to “what is posted” as a comparison with the mark left by others.

I have often mistaken the speed limit with Interstate 95 while engaged in business on the Internet. I see a new program, jump on board and wonder why the software development is taking so long! After all, this is the Internet and it runs at the speed of light!

You see, as an entrepreneur, I can jump into and out of a dozen programs faster than the first one can be built! You better read that again until you understand the gravity of that statement:
I can jump into and out of a dozen programs faster than the first one can be built!

With that said, what is an adequate time-line for a “physical, get up and go to work, hire employees, set up an entity structure kind of business”, to move into profit? The reason I asked this is because we just started one of those businesses and we have to have a check for work done within 4-6 weeks of our start!

Most businesses fail for this very reason. Most businesses will take 3-5 years to show a profit!


In a previous post (VISUALIZE THE BUSINESS YOU ARE BUILDING), I wrote the following:
We didn’t have much time to react. This business plan was presented so quickly that my head is still spinning. It wasn’t my idea but something that I could jump in to assist “the dreamer”.

My part was putting the pieces together and talk about timing! The biggest part is the funding. This business needed a start up budget. That piece is what Compumatrix is about to unveil.

I didn’t have to build this dream, all I had to do is follow the dreamer! In that same article, I also included this statement:
NOTE: following the current. If those three words just grate on your mind, then you are reading the right article. Following the current is NOT what LEADERS DO!

My part of the business we are starting is to assist the dreamer getting his vision into place.

This is also the role I feel I am fulfilling by participating with Compumatrix. As a part of our Compumatrix family, we are united together to bring a new enterprise to market. It is the vision of this business that allowed me the freedom to VISUALIZE the participation with other adventures.
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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