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Lost Nerve


Someone caught me on video years ago riding out a buck from a very powerful horse. My feet were together however, they were straight up in the air and my body was perfectly straight. Being upside down on a horse just before you hit the ground isn’t so bad when you are young.

I don’t know how many times I have been bucked off horses over the years but I always found the best time to train an unridden horse was in the middle of winter with deep snow. They had to really work hard in that snow and you had a soft landing when they unseated you!

There was a saying among horse trainers when I was young that the best horse trainers are over 40 years old. (I found out later that was because they refused those rough rouges that young trainers would earn their reputation with.)

Now, I just LOST NERVE!


You don’t necessarily get smarter as you get older. You do realize you don’t heal as fast!

When you get a couple more decades under the belt, it is time to readjust your goals. Ask yourself if you reached the goals you set for yourself then ask yourself if you need to make adjustments or do a “rewrite”.

J Paul Getty once said: “I would rather have 1 percent of the efforts of one hundred men than 100 percent of my own effort” (I have seen this quote credited to at least 2 other people as well.) I used to always think about giving 110%. Now, I have been introduced to a whole new world.

This world is the one that Compumatrix resides in. This has given me the opportunity to replace: LOST NERVE with RENEWED HOPE.


This is what I attribute the niche that Compumatrix fills for the people that we will reach through this enterprise. In the blog post- YOU HAVE ARRIVED, I wrote the following:
That fact that the Journey Matters will be self-evident in the lives of those we reach. This is not a selfish act but only the opposite. If we did not put others before us, they would not have anything to hang their hope on.

If I can find those 100 people and give them something to hang their hope on, then all my efforts with Compumatrix will have been fulfilled.
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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