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Do you often sit back and daydream your time away? Have you ever been accused of “being a dreamer”? I sure hope so and hope that you see these comments as compliments and not put-downs. Although others may see you as wasting time, this can be the most productive time of your life.

In the previous post (BUILDING BUSINESSES WITH ASSISTANCE), we talked about using entity structures with LEGALZOOM. In that post, my very last statement was: “Now, do you see the picture?

Just see yourself in your own mind building your own business. You’ve taken care of the basics so far of structuring your business by selecting the entity that best fits your needs. (You just learned the first lesson in “outsourcing” thru this process as well!)


It may not be easy paddling your boat upstream when everyone else is following the current. NOTE: following the current. If those three words just grate on your mind, then you are reading the right article. Following the current is NOT what LEADERS DO!

Innovation is something that Leaders strive for. They are always looking for opportunity where others are looking for faults. If you are that day dreamer, you are ahead of the pack and you need to surround yourself with people that see your vision. (This is often NOT your family and friends!)

I’m often reminded of this story:
Finally, his colleagues had enough and decided to all go and talk to the boss. In the meeting, they complained about their co-worker just sitting around in his office for days just staring off. IMMEDIATELY, the boss asked how long he had been doing this? He wanted everyone in the room to leave him alone or occasionally ask him if they can get him something, a cup of coffee, etc. The boss exclaimed: “the last time he was like this, he came up with a $1 MILLION DOLLAR IDEA”!


We didn’t have much time to react. This business plan was presented so quickly that my head is still spinning. It wasn’t my idea but something that I could jump in to assist “the dreamer”.

My part was putting the pieces together and talk about timing! The biggest part is the funding. This business needed a start up budget. That piece is what Compumatrix is about to unveil.

Compumatrix is an online home based business dealing with Virtual Currency (Compuceeds). Although Compumatrix has been in process for some time, it’s day is here. The ability to address the funding aspects of building a business has been addressed with the reality of Virtual Currencies.
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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