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Time to Move On


We had such great plans for our little 5 acre slice of paradise. It almost feels as though I am abandoning my plans, goals and aspirations. However, I find peace in knowing life doesn’t stand still, it changes.

With the acceptance of change, you can accept there are other plans for your time ahead of you. One of the goals I envisioned for our property was to put up an small pole barn so I could exercise hoerses during the winter months. As we made the decision to sell and the sign went up, within the same week, my neighbor began construction on their barn.

Someone else will take their dreams and pursue them while I find solace in the unfolding of other opportunities that lay at my feet.


The decision wasn’t one of abandonment of my dreams but to reset my life and accept new challenges. I realize I can’t ride the bucking horses of my youth any longer and as the horses in my pasture get older, they still aren’t getting trained.

When you see “old man time” creeping up on you, a quick decision to redirect your challenge to something more sensible is quite understandable. As I accept this change with my life, I am reminded of my acceptance of change to focus on VIRTUAL CURRENCIES as the future.

When I was first introduced to COMPUMATRIX, I was not looking for something life-changing. I was looking for a means of funding my goals. At the time, I did not realize this would become my goal!

You may not have heard of Compuceeds but you may have heard about Bitcoin. They are both Virtual Currencies and on the edge of the concept of acceptance of change. There are several levels of acceptance (or adoption of change from the theory: diffusion of innovation).

As of the time of this writing, we are entering into the realities that we have awaited.

Time to Move on
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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