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My Cousin referred to them as the People

I was outside this morning with the dogs and started thinking about the events that led me right to this place in my life. Holding yourself responsible works both ways. You are responsible for your success as well as the failures you encounter throughout your life. Of course, you can hand off that responsibility to someone else. We tend to do this when the outcome is failure.

I remember sitting in a meeting (many years ago) in a Network Marketing meeting. The speaker was talking about his success in a previous business (and ultimate failure). He talked about the businessman that took him under his wing and taught him the in’s and out’s of the business (both good and bad). He took him to new heights. (I won’t belabour his crash!)

Most people use family and friends as their guidance. They listen to the advice of those they keep company with. This is also why it is said: “Your income is generally the average income of the 5 closest people you keep company with.”

Most of us are directly influenced by our own parents whether we do the same as they did or follow their advice for our career choices. Speaking of parents, one of my cousins referred to them as THE PEOPLE!


I made the following comment in a previous article (Breaking Thru the Brick Wall):
“What is that BRICK WALL? It is all those things in your life that hold you back and keep you away from success. Sometimes it’s a friend that makes fun of your efforts to improve your life. Sometimes it’s Government red tape that tells you your zoning does not allow for this use on your property or a Government agency (you may never have heard about) stepping in and telling you your business enterprise is so new “we don’t know how to regulate it” (or let you run it).”

Friends and Family mean well! They just don’t want you to get hurt! (Or, are they afraid if you make it, you will leave them behind!) Your friends are like “Crabs in a Bucket”. If you have one crab in a bucket, you have to keep the top on or it will climb out. But, if you have more than one, you don’t need the top because the other crab(s) will pull the others back when they attempt to climb out!

Network Marketing was suppose to address this because now you have a business that you can share with your friends! Right!!!!


One of my Aunts wants to be cremated when she is gone. Her daughter said she will have a regular funeral for her and there will be nothing she can do about it!

THE PEOPLE is who brought us into this world but we choose the extent of the influence they have over us. If we allowed them to have total influence, we would still be working on the farm and the extent of our communication would be verbally and eye to eye.

Because we have not allowed THE PEOPLE to totally dominate us, I have 2 words for you:

Now that I have shared these 2 words with you, are you going to go back to THE PEOPLE and spin wrenches in a factory or are you going to build your own business?

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Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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