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Acceptance for Virtual Currency


We’ve been down this road before (or have we)? Whenever you look at something new, you realize it is new because it is NOT in your mental arsenal. How new does it have to be before it becomes familiar?

I love the idea of diffusion of innovation. When something is new, there are stages of acceptance before it is “common place”. What about the adoption of a new product or concept? Who is really responsible for the success or failure of a new innovation?

Where do we stand with the diffusion of innovation as related to VIRTUAL CURRENCY?

In my article, TIME TO MOVE ON, I wrote the following:
"When you see “old man time” creeping up on you, a quick decision to redirect your challenge to something more sensible is quite understandable. As I accept this change with my life, I am reminded of my acceptance of change to focus on VIRTUAL CURRENCIES as the future."

Writing that article was an awakening to the fact that it is now time to refocus on new goals that may have seemed distant a short time ago but are more realistic today than they have ever been!


I just asked: “Who is really responsible for the success or failure of a new innovation? ” Let’s apply this question to the success or failure of Virtual Currency. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to determine the consumer will ultimately arrive at this decision. It lies right here in our hand.

Am I over reaching when I state the consumer will make this decision? Some people will think that I have and others will side with me when they realize the ultimate importance of Virtual Currency to our Economy. This innovation solves many problems but let’s just look at 2.
  1. Speed and efficiency of payment solutions.
  2. Reliability of currency.

1. Speed and Efficiency- Payment solutions have been a thorn in the side of business for all of eternity. In the Global Economy that we are in the midst of, this is a much needed aspect of business solutions. Virtual Currency brings these solutions to the forefront of business enterprise.
2. Reliability of currency- The value of our current Government currencies around the World has been heavily questioned today. The buying power of one currency versus another has definitely interfered with the efficiency of International Commerce.

I didn’t promise you a rose garden! When I mentioned we would look into just 2 aspects of the Virtual Currency Innovation, I did NOT promise it would be an indepth look. You can find detail findings on all these aspects as you refine the research that you are in need of.

When I wrote the article, TIME TO MOVE ON that I mentioned above, I was expressing a need within my life that I felt others outside of myself might be experiencing. My past goals and future goals may not be the same as yours at all. However, for some reason, today we cross paths. What I can offer you is a catalyst for a solution. That catalyst if COMPUMATRIX.
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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