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Where do I plug-in my ATM


We use to say what was in your wallet is all you have but, if you carry this card (debit card), you take your bank with you! What will the future bring?

Years ago, I saw this picture on the back page of a magazine of all these people walking thru a busy city intersection. They were all on cell phones. I thought: “that will be the day!” I have to eat those words!

Yesterday (or those yester-years), you could pull out that debit card and make a purchase or withdraw cash from an ATM nearby. Today, although you can still do those things, you can carry your ATM with you right there in your pocket!


Where do I plug in my ATM? Isn’t this the question you should be asking? Think with the innocence of a child:
Child: Mom, can we buy this?
Mother: No, we don’t have enough money.
Child: You can just get more money from the ATM.
Mother: You have to have money in the Bank before you can use the ATM.
Child: Then use your cell phone and buy it with your COMPUCEEDS!

Just like any form of money, it has to be earned before it can be spent! (There should be no surprise here, right?) How can you come about being in possession of Compuceeds and of more importance, what are Compuceeds?

A Compuceed is a Digital Currency. You can find more information from this article: THE VIRTUAL CURRENCY CALLED COMPUCEEDS.

You will need more information however, we need to have somewhere to make a start. Speaking of starting (and getting off the subject material), do you know you can earn Compuceeds thru Social Activities?

The question at hand is still: WHERE DO I PLUG IN MY ATM?

What is this in reference to? You probably walk up to an ATM at least once a week. Can you visualize in your mind someone carrying one of these around and asking you for the nearest electrical outlet?

Erase those thoughts from your mind (and that is EXACTLY my point)! I want you to visualize instead, reaching into your pocket and pulling out a minature such as a little boy might pull out of his pocket a “match box car”. This miniature isn’t an ATM at all but your cell phone.
  • Your ATM is plugged into your Cell Phone

Now, are you following? We are Compumatrix. We are the producers of Compuceeds (the Digital Currency). If you are familiar with us, you know there has been a lot of confusion in the air. This confusion stems from being on unfamiliar ground. The Virtual Currency Industry is a relatively new industry.

You might say this industry follows the idea of disruptive innovation. When something is “status-quo” for hundreds and thousands of years and there is a disruption of how things are being done, you can readily understand the confusion.

The Internet is disruptive innovation! (Of course, you knew that but I need to put it out there to make a point!) The Internet brought about so much change in the World and one of them is shortening time and distance! Although this may only be apparence, in reality, due to the Internet so many things needed to change.

One of these changes that was needed was the shortening of times for transactions.
The Era of Virtual Currency is born.

When you add your cell phone to the mix, now you have an ATM in your pocket!
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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