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Illusion and the Fiat

Which is real and which is an illusion? An illusionist can deceive you with trickery but what is the real trick behind the sleight of hand regarding the Fiat? Why are we so taken astray by the illusions that are brought into play so the sake of power and control.


The Illusion is not as it seems to be. This is the definition is it not? If we are NOT talking about the car, then what are we representing in the conversation about the Fiat?

We just need to take a step back in time to discover the true nature of MONEY. Money is a medium of exchange. Fiat (money) is a currency that is produced by Governments to use as this medium of exchange. The problem arises when this medium of exchange moves from the term “Commodity backing”.

When money is backed by something of a tangible value (such as Gold and Silver), it has a limiting factor built in. When it is removed from this value of backing, then there is a loss of confidence and inflation ensues.


This is when I tell you what this is all about.

I hit a Brick Wall a few months back. Then I wrote this article: BREAKING THRU THE BRICK WALL. The brick wall I hit was when I realized what I had yet to write was missing from my thought patterns. I needed to write about us! We are Compumatrix!

I wanted to write about what we are doing and where we are going but I haven’t seen the roadmap. Then I remembered a quote from Dr Martin Luther King: “Faith is taking the first step when you can’t see the entire staircase”.

The article I referred to in my article: BREAKING THRU THE BRICK WALL, inspired me to reopen my eyes and become aware again of where we are going and what we are doing.

So what is the ILLUSION?


We are entering a very fast moving era of time when we need answers in seconds not days. We need confirmations in micro-seconds and transactions completed at the instant you hit the ENTER key on your computer.


I read something recently that puts this in perspective. The purpose of Fiat Money is a means to control and enslave others.

Now, I can more fully understand what the purpose of our own mission is. You probably went thru school learning the 3 Balancing Powers of the Government (in the USA). What you didn’t learn is the fourth Balancing Power of the Government!

We are that Fourth Branch- THE PEOPLE!


I was really inspired by THE FREEDOM owning my own business would provide. This was my goal when I signed on. I only found my Freedom that I sought would come at a price: PATIENCE!

When I first realized the phrase: We are Compumatrix, I determined we will be doing something very different and lasting (if we beat the odds). We may not be the first and we may not be the last, but for certain, there is more to come.

Cryptocurrency is a new industry based in solid value. Bitcoin is an idea that became a value. With Compumatrix, we have Compuceeds that are a true value.

There are many other Cryptocurrencies but a list is not necessary. What is necessary is knowledge of just what Cryptocurrencies represent. You can look at Bitcoin and Compuceeds and run parallels regarding their valuations, limitations in overall future numbers and their Digital Properties.

But what you must look into is the FREEDOM they can afford.

Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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