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Compumatrix and Bitcoin- Only the Beginning


Opportunities are found and planned. They are everywhere but they must be worked to become the realities of today. What is new today was someone’s dream yesterday.

Compumatrix was a dream and now it is a reality. Likewise, Bitcoin was a dream. Compumatrix and Bitcoin have been on a parallel course for some time with a distance between them. Now, that distance has been eroded away and they are becoming an integral part of a bigger system which is the Virtual Currency Industry.

For those of us that follow the trail of entrepreneurs, Compumatrix And Bitcoin is just the beginning!


Yesterday, while doing some research, I sat here and wrote a blog post, When the Shark Stops Swimming…
Since I have written about this matter before, I will say this: “When money sleeps, it’s dead!” It doesn’t take much thought to realize the only way to grow wealth is to keep feeding it. Think about it this way: Wealth isn’t money. Wealth is like a plant and money is the plant’s nutrients. As long as you continue to feed the plant (Wealth), it will grow!

Wealth can not be measured only in terms of money. Wealth is measured by the combination of money and assets. This can be the total of stocks and bonds, real estate, bank accounts, etc. (As long as I mentioned bank account, keep in mind that the money you have in those accounts are NOT necessarily physically there at any given time. Your bank can not afford to have your money sit idle but they have it out there growing their plants, their WEALTH!)

The reason I mentioned the blog post I wrote yesterday is because we are at a new beginning. As we have always been told by Henry Banayat, his vision is that we use our funds to start other businesses. We are not just a part of Compumatrix but we are a part of a bigger economic system. We are a part of a Global Economy. As such, we have a bigger responsibility (outside of ourselves) that we need to be aware of and active in.

If you have a job with a big company, you may have payroll deduction to set aside some of your income to fund an IRA or 401K pension plan. This is an example of using some of your money to build your wealth. (I do not like to use this example as to my fears with the total dependence on the Stock Market.)

Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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