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Swimming in Your Business


Are you making noise with your business? In other words, are people talking about you and is the conversation positive? Are people on your side with your business or are they feigning?

The Bee Gee’s had a great hit I Started a Joke. Part of the lyrics are: I finally died which started the whole world living, if I’d only seen that the joke was on me.

These words can be deep in meaning for your business life. Are people laughing at your jokes or are they laughing at you (maybe behind your back).

On another blog I wrote in 2009, (The Vacation World Traveler), I wrote the following:
As we were pulling of I-40 through all of the lightning and thunder, our son woke up. He looked around and said, "What was that noise?" We wer astounded that he slept through all the thunder as it was. We asked him, "What noise?" He responded, "THE NOISE I HEARD WHEN I WAS SWIMMING WITH THE FISH!"
Needless to say, we really needed to stop driving then because we were hysterical in laughter for the next ten minutes!

Not only was that one of my fondest memories from our travels but it reminds me of the importance of laughing with others instead of at them.

In our business ventures, we try to be stoic business people when all we really need is to be real. Is your business making noise? What are you going to say when someone turns around and says: WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?


There is a reason people swim in a lake rather than in the river. Have you ever tried crossing a swollen river? I remember one time doing it on horseback. My horse was only up to his knees in water and I thought, “this isn’t that bad!” Then we stepped off the bank of the river!

It was then that I realized why people tell you not to make waves! But, if you tell me it can’t be done, I just can’t leave a challenge alone! Sometimes I feel like I’m the wave machine at a water park.

Are you swimming in your business? If you had to swim across a river to a destination directly across from you, you would probably start further upstream, right? Most people realize this and would “swim with the crowd”. What if you wanted to make a difference?

Many (many) years ago, I had to meet with a representative from Kubota Tractor. We needed to lease a crawler for a logging operation. The rep told us a story of selling a snow plow to the City of Aspen, Co. He said there was this really steep hill and all the plows went to the top and plowed down because it was too steep to plow it uphill. Their salesman decided he had nothing to lose and everything to gain if his snow plow could plow that hill uphill. The next major snow, they drove up to Aspen and plowed that hill “uphill”. The city ordered 2 snowplows on the spot.

Are you swimming in your business (and in which direction)?
Are you making noise with your business?

COMPUMATRIX (We are making noise)
Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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