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Opportunity vs Missed Opportunity


Two salesmen were sent to a tropical island in the South Pacific from their respective shoe companies. Since no business had been conducted with this small Nation Island, expectations were unpredictable.

After a few days, one of the salesmen wires home and says, “send return passage home. NOBODY WEARS SHOES!”

At the same time, the second salesman wires home, “NOBODY WEARS SHOES. SEND EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!”

Two salesmen, two companies identical in every respect except one: ATTITUDE


The Door of Opportunity swings both ways. If it didn’t, it would be a WALL. For the prospective Entrepreneur to find that opportunity, they have to pass through the door.

Years ago, I read a book by Burke Hedges, You Can’t Steal Second With Your Foot on First. It was a great analogy for this because you can visualize a baseball player “risking” being thrown out if he left First Base in an attempt to Steal Second Base. You can also imagine the player trying to keep his foot on first base and really stretching to reach second base. IMPOSSIBLE!

For the Entrepreneur to be successful, he/she must take a risk! That risk is to leave behind what you know and are comfortable with to attempt a higher level of success with another opportunity.

Two Shoe Salesmen with all the opportunity in front of them and what happens? The first one wanted to go home and continue selling shoes in his “comfortable market” although he knew it was a highly competitive market. The second salesman embraced a new untouched market with no competition although, he knew his work lay in front of him convincing the locals that they had a desire for what he had to offer.


It is not an unexplored market, however, the opportunity still needs to be defined. How many times have you heard someone say (or said it yourself), “if only I bought that when I first saw it, I would be rich now!”

Grand dad probably could have, would have and should have bought some of that land when he was 20 because it was only $1 per acre! Grand dad then said, “I didn’t have $1 back then anyway!” In reality, Grand dad didn’t see the opportunity (until it was too late).  

New industries are being created everyday. We are still at the beginning of a new age, The Information Age.

Within this new age, there have been many developments in the E-commerce field. With the need to speed up the processes, there is an equal need to speed the process of payment systems.

If you are familiar with this area, then the name Bitcoin would not be a surprise to you at all. With that reference in mind, think about this as providing an enhancement to the groundwork they have laid.

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Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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