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Open Your Business on the 39th Floor


Open your business on the 39th floor of a 24 story building.

Can you even imagine? I was inspired to write this after reading Seth Godin’s blog post on “HIDING”. What really caught my attention in his post was this statement: “Hiding from the prospect of feeling foolish.”

Isn’t this the one thing above all else that holds us back? Our Feelings!

You might think the title of this to be a bit foolish but we need to seriously look into exactly what we do to ourselves in the business world. Of course you can’t have a business on the 39th floor of a 24 floor building but do I make my point?

Here is the point: Why hide what you do?

As ridiculous as it would be to open your business on the 39th floor of a 24 story building (and impossible), it would be equally ridiculous to be in business and hide from your prospects! Years ago, I remember the statement: “it isn’t enough to start your business by only hanging your shingle outside the door”. To be successful, you have to be known. You don’t have to be liked but you have to be respected (and respecting others will take you a long way as well).

What are the 3 words of success in the Real Estate Business: Location, location and location!

Not only would it be ridiculous to locate on the 39th floor of a 24 story build but it would be ridiculous to be on the 39th floor (unless it were a Penthouse such as the photo). You want prospect to want to visit your business. For this to happen, what incentives do you offer?


You may or may not be in real estate. When you are in business, you have to let others know. Many (if not most) of your prospects will come to you thru a 3rd party. My wife has had a lifelong friend. Her friend had been in several different businesses but recently started in Real Estate. One of my wife’s sisters had 2 homes over several years that needed to be sold. Another sister is in the process of selling a home. Because of simple conversations, my sister’s friend was involved in all 3 sales.

Let’s visit this one more time. Let’s say your business is on the 24th floor. Now, your prospects can physically visit you and your business. Just for my own amusement, we will assume we have a shingle hanging in the lobby near the elevators.

If your prospects walk into the building, they “may” find you! Let’s add one more step to this process! Your business is an Internet business! (now, this is like having your business on the 39th floor of a 24 floor building)

On the Internet, this can work both ways. You can look at this as your business can really be obscure or you can look at it as your online business stands above the others!

You may think you only need to build a website and “they will come”! More important than the website, you need an Internet Megaphone! You need that neon flashing light directing your prospects to your website.

If people know where you are, your business will thrive.

Join us on the 39th Floor. COMPUMATRIX

Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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