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Live to Fight Another Day


Why do they punt on fourth down in a Football Game? You see this all the time. A football team has the ball and it’s 4th down and 3. Surely, they have some 3-4 yard plays in their play book that are relatively safe and dependable! Why don’t you see more teams just “go for it” on 4th down?

I know this blog is about business but some people can relate better if they have a comparison. Here is one to tie it together: “live to fight another day”. Just as in the football game, in business or in War, you don’t want to expend yourself in an all out effort. On that 4th down, the team on offense knows if they don’t make those last yards in the next play, then their opponent has the ball right there. If they punt on fourth down, they know they are giving up the ball but they are pushing the other team further down the field. They will let their Defense come on the field and hopefully hold the other team so they can come back and “live to fight another day”!


When I say: “live to fight another day” for your business, I am referring to pacing yourself. Let’s use marketing for an example. If you are familiar with marketing on the internet, you are probably familiar with Adwords. Let’s say you have a budget. Would you spend that entire budget on the first day of the month or would you spread it over most of the month?

This is an example of what I meant to “live to fight another day” with regards to your business. You want to spread your business over the course of the month. When I say “live your business”, I’m promoting the idea of being a part of your business. Within this concept you would want to be the business.

You need to be the business! You and the business are one in the same. For example, when someone thinks about:
  • Bill Gates, they think about Microsoft
  • Michael Dell, Dell Computers
  • Steve Jobs, Apple Computers

In our business, we know all too well the meaning behind LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY. We look forward to the next day (every day)!

Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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