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Is Your Business (Attitude) Remarkable


I think about those that blazed the trail ahead of us so we can go through life on paved roads in luxury. Seth Godin expresses himself best when he is talking about being different. He talks about competition as if it is a dirty word. (Why would you like to be like the other businesses in your industry and remain the “status quo” when you can do something different and be remarkable.) One of the things I remember from Seth is when he talks about price competition between companies. As he puts it, they are in a race to the bottom in a race no one should want to win!

You may not think about being a comedian as being in business. After all, how can you call having fun a business? Jim Carrey says it best when he talked about his father’s failure as he said, “You can fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance doing what you love”.

Being remarkable and doing what you love! Does it ever get better than this?


Isn’t it enough to being in your own business without the addition of enjoyment? When I was in front of my high school guidance counselor looking into my future, he didn’t have a list of jobs and tell me to take the next job on the list! He asked me what I was interested in.

He wasn’t much of a guide. For years after I graduated from College, I tried to do 2 things.
  1. Find what I wanted to do
  2. Find how I could accomplish it

I worked in several fields and jobs but I was only working for money! When you are only working for money, you aren’t following any of your dreams. (You are following dreams but they are not yours!)

Seth Godin believes people can create businesses from their own thoughts. They do not have to “do what is already out there”. We are in an era of massive creativity. If this is the reality, then why would you NOT want to participate if all you needed to bring to the party is your ideas?

We have a very remarkable business in the business of Compumatrix. Like any idea, it has to be developed into what it can become. This takes time. We will be enjoying the fruitions of that time!

Stephen Sampson

Stephen Sampson

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